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Game Version Protection Version Comments
K. Hawk: Survival Instinct (german)SecuROM4.82.01.0001
K. Hawk: Survival Instinct (US)SecuROM4.83.55.0005
Kane & Lynch - Dead Men1.0.0.129 EUSecuROM7.34.0016
Kaptain Brawe - A brawe new world1.1.3ProtectDisc10.1.0 [Build 0x18A34 / 100916]
Kicker Manager 2004StarForce3.03.036.001
Kill Switch1.0StarForce3.3.33.08
King Arthur - The Roleplaying Wargame1.0Steam
King KongStarForce3.6.10.06
Kingpin Laserlock
Kings Bounty - The Legend1.0StarForce5.0.8.XRussian
Kings Bounty - The Legend1.6.5SecuROM+Activation07.38.0009English
Kings Bounty - The Legend 1.0SecuROM07.37.0014English - Activation
Kings Bounty - The Legend1.7SecuROM07.37.0014 German
Kings Bounty: Принцесса в доспехах1.0StarForce5.60.2.8Russian
Kings Bounty: Принцесса в доспехах1.1StarForce5.70.3.1Russian
Knight Rider: The GameSafeDisc2.80.010
Knights of Honor1.02SecuROM5.03.06.0025
Knights of the TempleSecuROM5.02.00.0008
Kohan II Kings of WarSecuROM5.03.06.0073
Kohan: Ahriman's GiftSecuROM4.54.00.0006
Kohan: Immortal SovereignsSafeDisc2.60.052
Konung 31.0SecuROM7.40.0008Russian
Korea: Forgotten ConflictStarForce3
Kung Fu Panda1.0SecuROM07.36.0011