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Thread: How do I mount Sims 2 using Daemon?

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    Frage How do I mount Sims 2 using Daemon?

    I have done it once, but the friend who showed me how to do it is not online and I want to know how to mount The Sims 2 onto my computer. I do have the actual game--bought and paid for. :P No worries.

    Last time I went to a website and downloaded a certain file and then Virtual CD/DVD Rom --> Device 0: [ F: ] No Media --> Mount Image. I believe.

    If anyone could help me, that would be great. Thank you.

    - Amber

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    If you have the Sims 2 as an original copy then you'd be best off making an image from it first (via Alcohol or BlindWrite).

    Once you have done that just start Daemon Tools, then click on its icon in the systray to the bottom right of your screen, then click on "Device 0: [ <your drive letter>: ] No Media".

    Lastly, select the path to the image and the image-file (i.e. the .mds file (when using Alcohol) or .b6t (when using Blindwrite).

    Once you have done that all should be good to go
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    Default For some reason mine doesn't work

    I'm trying to mount an ISO image of's not working at all..

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    What is not working correctly?
    How did you create that iso image?
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