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Thread: SCSI Driver Not Found

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    Default SCSI Driver Not Found

    I'm using V 3.47 for long time, two weeks ago it happened suddenly "SCSI Driver Not Found", every time I start up it appears again and again,
    Yesterday I tried to uninstall D-Tools, and wanted to try to install again to conquer this, but when I installed it, it showed that " driver name not correct or conflict", then it stopped, I tried several times, but the same result, what can I do?

    P.S. the virtual driver D-Tools brought after first installing it, i.e. "H:" is still there, whatever I did last night

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    Check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum, reboot after the procedure, then re-install - or better upgrade to v4.08.
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    I am getting the same error but my situation is a little different.

    I was using v4.06 until today when I upgraded to 4.08. After installation everything worked as it should. Then I installed a new version of Flashget (1.80) and rebooted. From that point onwards all I get is the "No Virtual SCSI Drive Found" message.

    Surely there can't be a conflict with Flashget?


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