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Thread: Invalid Image File

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    Default Invalid Image File

    Operating System: Windows 2000 Professional
    Burning Software: BlindWrite
    Anti-virus Software: AVG Antivirus
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

    I'm trying to use Daemon Tools to allow me to not have to hand out physical CD disks at my Lan Center. I have created images of the CDs using BlindWrite, however when I go to mount the image file I get the error: "Unable to mount image. Invalid Image File." What does this mean and how do I go about correcting it? Is the copy of the CD bad? Should I use another CD imaging program instead of BlindWrite? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    -David Le
    Owner C3Cyberclub

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    we recommend Alcohol120%

    LINK to Alcohol

    In case of commercial usage you have to license your copys of Daemon Tools

    Thank you


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