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Thread: Daemon Tools Pro 8 Cannot Create SCSI or IDE Devices

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    Default Daemon Tools Pro 8 Cannot Create SCSI or IDE Devices

    DT Pro cannot make a SCSI or IDE device. When trying to make an IDE device the software hangs, and when I try making a SCSI device I get an error message, "Device can't be created. Install SPTD to work with SCSI and IDE drives.".
    SPTD 1.89 64bit is installed however. Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1 is the OS. Any help is appreciated!

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    Please re-install the SPTD driver and try reproduce ethe problem.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!

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    I have exactly the same Problem. Already re-installed SPTD Driver and DT Pro 8.11 several times.
    BUT Daemon Tools Lite (with the same SPTD Driver installed) CAN make SCSI Devices.

    AND my Sharkoon QuickPort XT USB3.0 is not recognized anymore... USB-Sticks work.

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    Hallo, ans welcome to the forums
    We need special logs from your system.
    Please download the SPTD boot-logger from here and extract it:

    1. Open Start menu -> All Apps -> Windows System and find the Command Prompt item.
    Right-click on the Command Prompt and use "Run as administrator" menu item to start standard system command processor with full administrative privileges.
    2. In the Command Prompt window go to the folder where you saved files from "New folder.rar". To do so, execute CD command.

    For example:

    cd c:\New folder
    3. Start "startboot.bat" command-file. Just type startboot.bat and press Enter in Command Prompt window. Do not close this console window.
    4. Restart your system.
    5. Reproduce the problem you have reported. I.e. start DTPro and try to create a SCSI device
    6. Turn back to Command Prompt window and start "stopboot.bat" command-file, just type stopboot.bat and press Enter.
    7. Find "C:\sptd2boot.etl" file, zip it, attach it to your next posting, and contact the official support team with reference to this thread.
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    The Support Team sent me the DTCleaner
    After i cleaned my System with this Tool, I did a Reboot and installed DT Pro again (with Admin Privs). Also with Admin Priv, I started DT and tried to create a SCSI Device. DT Pro now installed the SPTD Drivers and I did a reboot again. Now a SCSI Device could be created. Creating a SCSI Device works like a chamr within 1 Second. Removing a Device takes about 15-20 Seconds.


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