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Thread: Problems with creating Image from DVD with 'probably' bad sector copy protection

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    Default Problems with creating Image from DVD with 'probably' bad sector copy protection


    I'm using DT Pro Advanced to rip my own media. I bought recently the SpellForce Collection (2nd Edition). It contains 4 DVDs from which I could copy no. 2-4 without problems (I don't know anymore if they had a copy protection but the images are working).
    But DVD no.1 is troublesome. I never saw something like this before because it seems to have bad sectors all over the disc. I don't know which copy protection it has. But SF1 had I think a mix of starforce/safedisc and securom(old).
    Normally the first 10000 sectors or so are affected but this is different. Every 3000 sectors it contains hundreds of bad blocks. I don't know how I should handle it. I tried SecuROM old and ProtectDISK profile. The first just doesn't work it errors out immediatly whatever options I set. The second one works and after around 12 hours or so (7.5GB disc) I have the image (I tried it with hw ecc on and off).

    Now comes the strange part: The installations starts fine but around 66% it can't find the files to copy and cancels installation. I checked the image and it seems that a 2nd setup.bin file which the setup tries to unpack at ~66% is corrupted. I assume that all data on the 2nd layer of this dvd is corrupted hence why the installation cancels at 66%.

    I am pretty sad that this is the first time I can't copy a dvd with Daemon Tools.
    I'm trying now Alcohol 52% with advanced sector scanning which doesnt take THAT long like DT. Maybe this time it will work. I'll post the results later.
    The disc is 100% clean and setup is working without problems when run from it.

    Can anybody help?
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    Ok I think you can close the thread. I was mistaken when I said the setup worked from dvd. It hangs at the same spot. Seems to be a bad print... I didn't try it because it has a steam key inside and I installed only the steam version. Damn...

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    I can't believe it. I used Isopuzzle to make the image. It's like ddrescue just for dvds! The DVD was really bad printed and my two DVD drives couldn't read some areas properly. The problematic areas where in the middle of the filestream at around 3.5GB and at 6.5gb until end. After around 2 hours Isopuzzle managed to recover every single sector! It is free and the result is unbelievable.
    Something DT Pro and Alochol 52% weren't able to do. DT Pro skipped the sectors and when using retry count it just stops somewhere in the middle and deleted the data. Alcohol 52% wasn't finished after 12 hours so I cancelled the process.

    I have now my working copy of the disc. Case closed.
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