Yesterday I experienced an issue while batch converting 400+ images in ccd/img/sub (CloneCD format) to MDX.

I added a folder containing my images, I specified an output folder and selectd MDX as format (compressed).

I noticed DAEMON Tools opened .ccd files and converted the images correctly,
but then it opened the .img file, converted it (again) and appended (2) to the file name.

The new converted image will not work.

For instance, let's assume I want to convert an image with these files:


DAEMON Tools opens THIS_IS_AN_IMAGE.CCD and converts it to THIS_IS_AN_IMAGE.MDX.

Then it will open THIS_IS_AN_IMAGE.IMG and convert it as THIS_IS_AN_IMAGE(2).MDX.

This second converted image will not work and is just a waste of time and space.

Since .IMG comes after .CCD, it's a simple matter to batch convert all images and delete all files containing (2) in their file name.
Nevertheless, when dealing with hundreds of images, this becomes time-consuming (conversion has to be done twice).

What can I do about this?

Thank you for your help.