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Thread: Attaching to physical device

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    Frage Attaching to physical device

    I have tested a couple of versions of DT, but "Attaching to physical device" option is not exist in many of them!
    And more: at my home PC (Windows 7 x64) with real DVD-drive in system (Optiarc DVD RW AD-7191S [asstor64 (Port 3, Bus 0, Target 8, Lun 0)]),
    DT Pro Advanced v5.1.0.0333 (SPTD 1.89) didn't see my real drive and "Attaching to physical device" option is grey (No devices were found)!
    What a heck?!

    Is any version of DT supporting "Attaching to physical device" works in Windows 10 x64?

    And why my ANOTHER backup image of old StarForce protected game works flawlessly at DT Pro Advanced v5.1.0.0333 (SPTD 1.89) i Windows 7 х64, but "emulation detected" at Windows 10 х64 with DTPro (+SPTD 2.12)?

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    Please check your optical driver connection. The mount to physical device feature doesn't work with no -ATAPI devices.

    Windows 10 is compatible with physical device attaching.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!

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