I'm trying to create a working image from a cd protected with Securom Version 08.03.0012 (the cd-rom is from 2011).
My OS is Windows 10 Pro 64bit and my optical drive is a bluray reader/writer (Pioneer BDR-207M).

First of all I tried to use Alcohol 120%, but there is a problem: the last version can not analyze accurately the DPM.

So I uninstalled Alcohol and installed the last version of DT Lite (10.6).
Tried to create an image with DT in trial mode, but with no success.

The trial period is now expired and I don't know if DT can do the job for me...

Someone can help me?
Where is the problem? Is the optical drive? At home I've got two other notebook (an old one and a new one), but I think that the optical drive in this notebook are not able to create a working image...