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Thread: Forcing Daemon Tools Ultra to always mount to a specific drive letter

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    Default Forcing Daemon Tools Ultra to always mount to a specific drive letter

    I have so far failed to figure out how to do what the topic says: in the free version I can create a virtual drive and edit its settings to, say, always stay as drive "Z:". But the Ultra version mounts to whatever unassigned drive letter it finds first, which is very annoying.
    I know I can set it to "always mount to an existing device" which will work fine until I unmount the image, which will also remove the drive, and next time it will be re-created with a new drive letter.
    I know I can also do the Advanced mounting thing, but this is also not a very convenient way since I want to work with images the same way I had been working with them since forever, i.e. just double-click them in Windows explorer to mount, and use the tray icon to unmount.
    Making a permanet virtual drive in my system would be fine (like in the free version). I have tried adding a writeable virtual drive for that purpose, but it is also removed when I unmount the image, therefore resetting the drive letter.

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    DAEMON Tools Lite allows you create empty virtual drive and mount them with a specific letter (however, for the advanced mount you need Advanced mount feature in addition - So, you can create a virtual drive, set a needed letter, set "mount to existing virtual drive" in Preferences and every image is going to be mounted in this drive with the letter.

    DAEMON Tools Ultra creates virtual devices during the image mounting, not as a permanent one, but it allowed to mount to a specific letter from the image panel - The images will be re-mount in the same virtual drive until you unmount the image. In this case, next mount will be with the new drive.

    As a solution, you can mount the image with a specific letter or drive type keep re-mounting on the same drive.
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