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  1. StarForce
  2. How about support for more rom's
  3. Suggestion: Adding a COW FS Layer
  4. APE + Cue files loading
  5. How to use : instructions
  6. ISO-13346 (UDF) Support
  7. Silent install
  8. Virtual Drive during boot?
  9. One Writable drive and few more drives
  10. New Registered user of D Tools pro, and after ?
  11. How about the IMG
  12. Support Virtual CD images
  13. More ads for everyone
  14. Needs support for emulating CSS protection on DVD videos
  15. EFS filesystem
  16. Daemon Tools for OS X
  17. Context menu addition
  18. New interface
  19. directory mounting
  20. small changes in installer please!!
  21. Context Menu -> Last mounted
  22. Support for more formats
  23. Question for DT pro
  24. Daemon Tools Professional-freeware or shareware
  25. Support for mounting .daa image files and editing disc images
  26. Daemon Tools multiple drives
  27. trayicon should show if a drive is mounted or not
  28. additional ide controller disabling app
  29. A minor idea
  30. Please make Daemon able to mount DAA files
  31. Mounting Images without installing Daemon Tools
  32. Vista-Based Icons
  33. To write is a file in an ISO image to go up on a reader virtual CD
  34. Missing or nonpractical features (since years)
  35. The same image on one computer works and on other is not present?!
  36. If I were to write a Virtual Drive detector...
  37. how about saving my game disks?
  38. add check before mount to prevent from remounting the sam image
  39. Why not IDE emulation?
  40. Can your next Daemon tools version support contex image menus on right click please.
  41. autounmount timer
  42. still no support for mounting .daa image files
  43. x64 version installing to wrong directory
  44. DT Pro - missed the boat?
  45. Top Level Drive Emulation
  46. Silent Installation Switchs
  47. "Doubleclick icon"
  48. silent option for command line
  49. adware
  50. Dynamic mounting on IDE for DT-Pro with Icons
  51. [Image Splitting] CP Double-layer DVD into two Single-layer DVD
  52. Universal Image Format(UIF)
  53. clone images - please support it
  54. Command Line Switch to set Number of Devices
  55. Keep settings when upgrading to a newer version
  56. blu-ray isos
  57. Add support for .VHD format
  58. Preview of iso files?
  59. Addon for Daemon Tools
  60. Big Warning Message
  61. Mount An Image From Image Drive Context Menu
  62. Context menus
  63. ASHDISC Format
  64. Can only mount 4 drives??
  65. Daemon Tools Pro
  66. DTpro trial (will it be?)
  67. Suggestion, more info on *.sys files
  68. Suggestion for network user
  69. Daemon Tools With Burning Software
  70. Dongle Usb key
  71. Mount to RAM-Drive
  72. Suggestion: DAA support
  73. My suggestion: to provide your own CD-ROM Device Driver!
  74. Daemon tools external drive emulator
  75. Suggestion for -noautolock command line switch
  76. All Version Uninstaller
  77. Suggestion - iso list
  78. Unmount after dvd program closes
  79. support for UIF (Universal Image Format)
  80. Bootable Drive for USB Flash Drives
  81. b2k's Tray Icons for Daemon Tools
  82. DT compressed CD image support using winamp plugin
  83. VISTA's Ready-boost (new feature)
  84. Drive Speed Limit
  85. Windows Vista Sidebar Daemon Tools Gadget
  86. Need to include basic ReadMe
  87. Drive: Context menu
  88. HD-DVD/Bluray emulation
  89. "handmade" GUI for DT
  90. Hide unmounted drives; assign driveletter when mounting
  91. Custom labels
  92. DaemonTools Pro? CD/DVD Image Creation?
  93. Concerns over .daa...
  94. Daemon 3.47 and latest version
  95. DT Suggestion: Unlock folder when image is unmounted
  96. Trial version filenames
  97. commercial vs free feature list request and more...
  98. Why no trial version of Pro? I'd like to try forthcoming vIDE.
  99. Shell Unmount for DT Pro
  100. support for WIM (Windows Imaging Format)
  101. DT Pro Agent Tray Menu: not able to use with mouse
  102. Vista certification
  103. DT (Free) and ISZ-Images
  104. Support for IMG and plugin for burning
  105. Creation of maxi images
  106. Disable Secure Mode option for DT Pro
  107. Context Menu / Right Mouse Button
  108. Suggestions for the full version - want to buy
  109. Support creation of Mini Images in DTPro
  110. Special version ?
  111. Drop down list!
  112. DT Pro Image Conversion
  113. multiple creation of scsi drives
  114. Customize/Add Menu buttons...
  115. non-compressed rar support
  116. Update check
  117. Lite?
  118. BD and HD DVD
  119. Virtual Drive Activity
  120. 2 small suggestions
  121. Mounting an xbox iso then running it on your xbox via a network.
  122. Are there plans for an Linux version of D-tools?
  123. Can DT be like Alcohol120%
  124. Change the licence to support dual boot.
  125. Image convertor
  126. Licensing change please
  127. Display disc size in image wizard
  128. plugin or new release to show icon virtual drive
  129. MagicISO's .UIF image support
  130. Export layout settings
  131. Image creation Advanced Sector Scanning
  132. Pricing for multiple licenses
  133. mount to a directory?
  134. DT Lite with vIDE
  135. DT Pro "Satellite installs"
  136. DPM extraction: specify number of sectors
  137. Put DAEMON Tools Lite V. 4.12 on the downloads page!
  138. will support 7z, rar, zip in the future?
  139. dt acting as an usb drive for an other computer
  140. daemon4120-lite cannot be renamed anymore
  141. Mounting .ncd files
  142. .DAA .UIF Support And More Suggestion For DT Pro
  143. Compression support
  144. Any chance for a vIDE emulator for windows xp64 ?
  145. related to old thread found, treat set of MP3 files as CD to mount
  147. Command Line Conversion to MDS+MDF
  148. daemonapi
  149. Image Catalog Folders (hidden\password\locked)
  150. Image Meta Data
  151. Create\Convert Virus Scan
  152. installer icon
  153. what is *actually* new in dt updates and game blacklists ???
  154. your suggestions about ISO Maker plugin are welcome here!
  155. Mount'n'Drive manager icon
  156. Y not Support Archives?
  157. Integrating the image library to the context menu ...
  158. It's just 'cos I'm an English teacher...
  159. Issue with notification icon when dialogue is open
  160. DT Pro Basic
  161. audio/digital cable emulation
  162. Better ISZ support..
  163. Suggestion to DTpro - Beef up Library Managment, Add import and Export catalog
  164. Mac DMG support
  165. Get RID of WhenUsave
  166. Right Click mount
  167. Multiple command line switches
  168. Keep up the good work !!!
  169. Auto Insert Notification Command Line Option
  170. Remote Images
  171. Disk erasing issue.
  172. 啥时候支持win7呢
  173. Add Mounting Support for .CISO files?
  174. right click tool doesnt work anymore
  175. Security lock (user rights for mount/umount)
  176. Wii
  177. Serving Iso files to XBOX 360
  178. Mount'n'Drive
  179. DAEMON Tools is turning into...
  180. ownership - verification
  181. I want to buy Daemon Tools Pro Adv but ...
  182. Virtual CD/DVD Drive as RAM Disk
  183. Splash screen "mounting img"
  184. My .02
  185. DTools in VMs
  186. DT Lite, SPTD 1.58 and Windows 7...
  187. Where is daemon.dll for 3rd party tool?
  188. Option to Remove DVD Region Encoding
  189. mount a folder as virtual СD/DVD/BD
  190. Interface; accessibility of DT functions
  191. Make *.img format as a supported one
  192. Sort Image Catalogue By Name
  193. Will Daemon Tools support VHDs?
  194. More hotkeys
  195. Add drag-n-drop image file
  196. Network Cache - similar to "offline files" for CD Images
  197. DT Pro Adv NEEDS WinXP (x64) vIDE support!
  198. cdrdao .toc mounting support
  199. Associate ".Iso" files to Daemon
  200. output valid P subchannel data
  201. Keep file association between upgrades
  202. Drag and drop image file onto gadget
  203. Awxdtools in Windows 7
  204. AACS decrypting support
  205. Auto-mount image in shortcuts
  206. TrayIcon for 120 DPI screenmode?
  207. securom images mounted via mds can be really slow
  208. please support .Sd2f image format
  209. New File Formats
  210. The changed add drive method
  211. mounting images to physical drives?
  212. Thanks a lot!
  213. My two cents on UIF support
  214. Bring back daemon.dll
  215. Mount Automatically
  216. Drag and Drop ability
  217. resize virtual hard drive
  218. Create Multiple Images Simultaneously
  219. Optimizing ISO file structure
  220. Option to disable automatic emulation.
  221. "Burn Image" as part of Daemon's shell integration
  222. Emulate AACS
  223. sad self mutilation
  224. daemon tools pro lifetime license
  225. New Image
  226. Compability with wondows xp home
  227. Audio Converter feature.
  228. Right-click to unmount on image file.
  229. DT Net Edition, some suggestions
  230. things that escapes me
  231. Can Daemon create a writeable emulation CD/DVD rom?
  232. Move icon out of system tray
  233. Mac version already !
  234. Insert image into physical drive
  235. Daemon Tools version number string length.
  236. Image Catalog, CD/DVD Cover and List view suggestions
  237. Burn ISO Images to USB Flash Drive!
  238. Ability to REMOVE Image Catalog from Navigation Pane
  239. Forum Links from Games Database
  240. Icon Tray x Autostart Windows Disable
  241. Send to Virtual blank DVD which will Create Image
  242. Some Daemon Tools UI Suggestions. Ribbon UI
  243. Please provide the latest DAEMON Tools Lite version for W2k ( e.g. 4.39.5 )
  244. mistake of English?
  245. ability to turn off confirmation about unmount all drives
  246. Show 'image file path' with one click.
  247. Discussion: DAEMON Tools & MountSpace service
  248. Discussion: DAEMON Tools FireWire
  249. Discussion: DAEMON Tools Lite for Mac 1.0 beta
  250. Spyware in Daemon Tools Lite installer?