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  1. DAEMON Tools SearchBar: End User License Agreement (EULA)
  2. DAEMON Tools SearchBar: Product Information
  3. DAEMON Tools SearchBar: Privacy Policy and Issues
  4. Possible problems with Anti-Spyware and "DAEMON Tools WhenU Search"
  5. WhenU privacy report - Part1
  6. WhenU privacy report - Part 2
  7. What people say about WhenU
  8. WhenU privacy report (as .pdf file)
  9. suggestions: DAEMON Tools SearchBar
  10. Questions
  11. Overview of WhenU's Software, Practices and Policies
  12. Uninstall DAEMON Tools Searchbar
  13. Thank you for not forcing the adware
  14. i cannot uninstall the search bar!!
  15. traffic of searchbar ...
  16. I read Daemon Tools's front page and...
  17. To Be Free or Not To Be Free, That Is The Question...
  18. Disable Tool Bar Instructions
  19. 100% cpu usage
  20. Is this WhenU SearchBar really safe?
  21. trojan to the Search bar
  22. i dont see the search bar
  23. IMPORTANT - whenu-issues
  24. Remove advertisement?
  25. Suggestion: LOSE THE ADWARE
  26. new way to install the Search bar
  27. No spyware ? Hogwash ! Read on...
  28. SetupDTSB.exe and Adware.SaveMow problem
  29. Daemon Tools and Addware!
  30. Virus in daemon?
  31. SaveNow has virus!
  32. How To Install Without Adware?
  33. Is Adware really necessary?
  34. Why cant we opt out ?
  35. Ad-Ware
  36. Why?
  37. Can't untick
  38. How do i get the search bar??????
  39. Searchbar forced install?!
  40. Removing WhenuSearch
  41. when u problem
  42. Uninstallable?
  43. WhenUSaveNow
  44. Help! Can't uninstall
  45. WhenU SaveNow
  46. WhenU Installer.exe...attempts to connect
  47. Listen, People
  48. Can't Unistall WhenU
  49. If you wish to contact WhenU directly:
  50. Setup DTSP.EXE
  51. Removing When U Search program
  52. Silent install and When U
  53. DAEMON Tools Search Bar version 2
  54. Sold Out like kazaa
  55. Whenus Advertising Software First To Be Whitelisted By Truste Certification Program
  56. Malware?
  57. Searchbar and automated install
  58. Silent install without searchbar?
  59. can u remove the toolbar?
  60. Why i dislike the current addware policy
  61. Daemon not work
  62. First off I want to let everybody know
  63. Will registration keep me ad-free?
  64. wiki daemon tools
  65. WhenU can get the TRUSTe label, but would Daemon tools fail?
  66. Daemon Tools Pro price and licence
  67. Virus detection.
  68. What Adware is included with DT Pro Freetrial
  69. infected by virus impossible to delete
  70. No "Add Or Remove Programs" entry after install?
  71. My Daemon Tools Suggestions
  72. noob question , adware in daemon tools?
  73. Virus in Daemon Tool?
  74. avast! Home Users: How to download DAEMON TOOLS PRO
  75. surprise
  76. How do I unhook IE from Daemon Search?
  77. How to remove daemon tools search?
  78. Why...?
  79. Adware installed and homepage changed
  80. That f***ing search bar...
  81. Advantagesetup.exe in V. 4.12
  82. Smart Shopper in DT Lite 4.12.1
  83. Why is SmartShopper Safe?
  84. not-a-virus
  85. How to use SmartShopper?
  86. Virus detected upon download !!!
  87. Completely removing Daemon Tools Lite, Daemon-Search.com
  88. Where is Daemon Tools Pro Basic 4.12.0221 Ad Supported version?
  89. your spywares messed up my pc
  90. internet connection
  91. Daemon Tools and antivirus software?
  92. Adware...
  93. DT Pro Basic Free AdWare
  94. #@?! search toolbar
  95. Tutorial: Removing all search toolbars in Firefox and IE
  96. WTF happened to Daemon Tools
  97. Daemon tools RUINING my computer.
  98. The disk-tools.com download site installed a virus on my computer
  99. Which options do i uncheck so i don't install adware with LITE?
  100. WTF i unticked all the boxes and still got adware
  101. Daemon Tools Lite riddled with spyware
  102. Daemon tools with spyware
  103. The free D-tools. Adds to be? or Adds not to be?
  104. FIX Daemon Search Replacing Google
  105. Sigh, I don't understand what the big problem is..
  106. Spyware true?
  107. Is the adware/malware in Daemon Tools optional?
  108. What a webpage u got
  109. Downloading Daemon Tools on website..
  110. The Incredible IncrediBar
  111. Thanks for the malware!
  112. Disconnect your internet before installing to skip spyware.
  113. Advertisement on every website.
  114. Spyware/Adware via daemon tool?
  115. DAEMON Tools Lite download is a virus?
  116. OpenCandy FAQ & How to avoid 3rd party recommendation(s)
  117. Malware from Updating
  118. Regarding Wajam. A minor rant.
  119. DTPRO v6 - Paid version install file has adware?