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  1. PS4 touchpad sensitivity
  2. HELP!
  3. Trouble installing
  4. Need some help? Start from this FAQ
  5. Cycling
  6. Toggle For Shift Modifier
  7. Ps4 controller remapping problem
  8. missing "reWASDService.exe"
  9. Shift-Function with the new 3.1 causes problems
  10. Purchased a license, now it says I only had a trial period.
  11. "Turbo" with gamepad buttons only?
  12. Three gamepad buttons pressed at the same time to perform one action
  13. No plans for anti-deadzone?
  14. Updated to latest version - now getting an error message on installation
  15. Advanced > Zones
  16. Analog Stick > Advanced > Response: Custom (1 & 2?)
  17. Remap is constantly off after 3.2
  18. Turning an Xbox controller press into two
  19. Auto remap on associated apps, currently conflicting with steam
  20. reWASD requiring reboot, but unable to comply
  21. Loss Of Control When Selecting Programs
  22. Constant Crashing
  23. reWASD still in windows task manager after close de programm
  24. When I unmap left pad, keyboard icons appear in the game
  25. Help for a configuration for driving
  26. There is not way to use scroll up-down in key combo
  27. "Sticky" Joysticks (Up and down)
  28. Where are Configuration files?
  29. Problem.... :(
  30. ReWASD and XBox Accessories App
  31. Switch configuration hotkey?
  32. [HELP] reWASD not Working with XBOX Elite controller
  33. reWASD does not open, !
  34. After 4.0 upgrade reWASD will no longer turn ON
  35. Help!!! How to use rotation combo
  36. [BUG?]Mapping don't work setting shift modifier and rumble on same button on 4.0.
  37. After upgrade reWASD 4.0 all crash when I try controller buttons instead keys
  38. Controller keep Disconnect
  39. Left trigger toggle for aiming-We canĀ“t do this in reWASD but yes from bigpicture
  40. Does ReWasd work on DEstiny 2 for pc
  41. Setup question for auto crouch when running, destiny 2.
  42. Toggle Turbo on and off?
  43. Remapping Xbox Chatpad Buttons?
  44. Controller won't connect
  45. Virtual 360 controller stuck as Player 2
  46. Short hop key combo
  47. Keys being entered twice during recording combos and another problem
  48. SADES PS4 controller
  49. Cursor moving on its own
  50. Controller TURN OFF by its own WHILE USING it WIRELESSly (Xbox Elite Controller)
  51. GBA Emulator combos D:
  52. Titan Skating Space Macro Destiny 2
  53. Game seeing normal not virtual controller, not working
  54. Shift modifiers not working on virtual controller?
  55. Record macro from controller input, input delay
  56. PlayStation Navi with Origin games
  57. REWASD Elite 360 controller is not hidden for FIFA 19
  58. Can I set Different Horizontal Sensitivity and Vertical Sensitivity?
  59. Using the analog stick for true analog movement (not just 8-direction movement)
  60. Please Connect Gamepad
  61. How to revoke the license to reactivate it on a different PC?
  62. A Question About Combinations
  63. XBOX button does not stop firing in Windows7
  64. Recoil control possible?
  65. Can't edit/create/activate profiles
  66. Mouse Stuttering
  67. Controller not detected in reWASD UI
  68. Controller detected but inputs are not on Shadow Streaming PC
  69. Switch Pro Controller Issues
  70. Getting the program with cash
  71. reWASD not launching after latest update