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  1. PS4 touchpad sensitivity
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  5. Cycling
  6. Toggle For Shift Modifier
  7. Ps4 controller remapping problem
  8. missing "reWASDService.exe"
  9. Shift-Function with the new 3.1 causes problems
  10. Purchased a license, now it says I only had a trial period.
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  12. Three gamepad buttons pressed at the same time to perform one action
  13. No plans for anti-deadzone?
  14. Updated to latest version - now getting an error message on installation
  15. Advanced > Zones
  16. Analog Stick > Advanced > Response: Custom (1 & 2?)
  17. Remap is constantly off after 3.2
  18. Turning an Xbox controller press into two
  19. Auto remap on associated apps, currently conflicting with steam
  20. reWASD requiring reboot, but unable to comply
  21. Loss Of Control When Selecting Programs
  22. Constant Crashing
  23. reWASD still in windows task manager after close de programm
  24. When I unmap left pad, keyboard icons appear in the game
  25. Help for a configuration for driving
  26. There is not way to use scroll up-down in key combo
  27. "Sticky" Joysticks (Up and down)
  28. Where are Configuration files?
  29. Problem.... :(
  30. ReWASD and XBox Accessories App
  31. Simultaneous key press in Key Combo?