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  1. Converting circle stick input to a square
  2. Duplicate configs and associated apps
  3. Toggle For Shift Modifier
  4. Add Xbox One Razer wolverine ultimate support
  5. Add support to Xbox One razer wolverine ultimate
  6. Add Gamepad Mapping to X and Y rotation...
  7. Missing Gamepad Mappings
  8. Wired/wireless DualShock 4
  9. Xbox One Chat Pad
  10. Combining gamepad inputs
  11. Any support for Playstation Move navigation controller?
  12. Requesting support for DualShock 4 with Collective Minds Strikepack
  13. DS4 Touchpad Click
  14. [Elite Controller] Analog Deadzone/Diagonal Customization
  15. Copy configs between shift configurations
  16. Slight Tripper Press (Zone 1 only not pull pressing of Triggers)
  17. Trigger bindings on slot change
  18. Move mouse to position
  19. Copy KEY COMBO on any other buttons!
  20. Remap PS4 (DualShock 4) controller buttons to XBOX button!!
  21. New feature : Rapid Fire (TURBO) + Toggle
  22. A Radial Menu will be really good!
  23. Pause/Break key as key option?
  24. Create a function that can write the dead zone configuration to the Controller board
  25. Request disabling certain button in combo
  26. Map to emulated non-xinput controller
  27. Thanks for the new update. REWASD is really amazing
  28. Great software!
  29. Tutorial :(
  30. Select active Profile with command line
  31. Mapping stick directions to buttons
  32. Select and Apply Profile
  33. Suggestions...