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26.02.2006, 04:58
when i install DT when it is starting up i get a SCSI/RAID error and DT closes if i try to open it it says invaild device.

27.02.2006, 16:33
Having the same problem..

After I install DT4 and restart my comp, windows start with some Windows Hardware Installation, after that I get the error that SCSI/RAID has a problem to be installed, and then "unable to add adapter.device problem 12" and then Windows notify me to restart my computer to install this SCSI/RAID device.. which doesnt work even after I restart..

after that everytime I try to start DT4 I get the error: Invalid device.

Please help us, I NEED DT4.

03.03.2006, 11:32
Iґm having the exact same problem :confused:
doesnґt anyone know what to do?

05.03.2006, 19:45
I am also gettin gthis same error. I am running Windows XP Media Center and Have been un successful at getting Daemon Tools to install.. Please someone help.. I really need Daemon tools.

13.03.2006, 21:02
I also have the same problem. I have installed the program before, with no problem, but after i re-formatet my computer this problem came up

21.03.2006, 09:53
yea, I`ve got the same problem as well - I Really Need DT, pls help!

09.04.2006, 18:26
I am having the same problem.. After searching by google I found a thread that this error has something to do with the win xp installation. If it is installed as a "standard PC" or "ACPI PC"..
I think you only can change this when you completly reinstall winXP.. But I dont want to delete my system..
Does someone know a other way to fix it??

13.04.2006, 07:16
Ive got the same problem. How do i fix this?

20.04.2006, 21:11
I'm having same problem. :mad: I tried to reinstall windows and then install D-tools 4.03HE on clean win version, but it's the same. Strange because I installed same version on my work PC and there were no problems at all. Both pc's were installed using same windows cd.

29.04.2006, 17:44
When I try to install, "DAEMON Tools Core Files" cannot be selected and Daemon cannot be used. How can I install?

29.04.2006, 21:31
Me too.

A clean WinXP Pro installation and when the installation of D4.03 is finished then i have the problem that came this message : "unable to add adapter.device problem 12"

?_? HILFE!!!!
04.05.2006, 22:44
jo i have the same problem,

The SCSI Controller will use IRQ 0, I believe the this is a driver problem off this controller is.
also have can I cange the irq from 0 to 9 or anover.

Help ^^ plz.

ps.: i am german, Ihr könnt alle eng. Schreibfehler behalten.

04.06.2006, 02:02
I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

Just install DT and win it tells you to rebot, bot it up in safe mode, double click on the installation icon again and run the installation again and it will work like a charm, if you dont really understand what i am talking about, email me and i will try to explain what i did further, HAVE FUN GUYS/GIRLS!!!!!!!


Email: NecroKnights@hotmail.com

23.10.2006, 15:01
Thread i have the same problem the core files if you find out how we can solve the problem could you please send me the solution i apreciate my friend hope you find it

27.10.2006, 20:25
Can you post screen shot of setup with disabled core files checkbox? We'd really like to see that.

26.09.2009, 09:18
i have a problem when installed DT lite, the core files required. so DT can not shows on my taskbar. please someone help me to fix it. this is my email: pita_livestrange@yahoo.co.id
just send email for me if you have the answer. thank u.