View Full Version : Need Help with copying Unreal Tournament

01.07.2003, 07:19
Hello, I would like some help with copying the orginal Unreal Tournament for PC. I have tried using Nero, Alcohol, and Clone CD, but it always has errors with reading the disc and says it's copy protected. Thanks.

01.07.2003, 13:19
Use Alcohol120% with the profile securom 4.xxx (RMPS data required) and play it with daemon and again RMPS emulation .


01.07.2003, 13:50
Do you want to copy Unreal Tournament (protected by SafeDisc) or Unreal Tournament 2003 (protected by SecuROM)?
UT2003 must (!) not have any errors, but you mentioned Nero, Alcohol and CloneCD complaining about errors.
So if itґs Unreal Tournament the errors are normal, if itґs UT2003 check the cd(s) for dirt and scratches; if itґs Unreal Tournament you can use either of the mentioned programs, if itґs UT2003 only Alchohol will create a working backup with the mentioned DPM-option and RMPS emulation.