View Full Version : Can't find my virtual drive

26.02.2006, 20:41
I updated my Daemon Tools 3.47 to 4.00 but after restart my virtual drive was gone from my computer and also from device manager.

I have tried to uninstall and install daemon tools, but it doesn't help. I also tried to install 3.47 again, but without any results.

I have used virtual-cd-hide with daemon tools and if i now use it and try to hide virtual drives, it says that 1 drive is hidden. that have to be daemon tools drive, but how i can see that in my computer / device manager.

Thanks for answers, i really need help!

26.02.2006, 21:52
Try to uninstall manually if necessary(dt and sptd), and then install 4.03.

Remember reboot as many times as necessary

28.02.2006, 02:34
I have fixed that problem. It has something to do with the register -settings. I used WinXP's system restore and that helped.