View Full Version : Blue screen

27.02.2006, 03:25
I tried to install version 3.47 on my HP. I have WinME. everything installed great but after the restart I couldnt the computer to boot. I got the blue HP screen and that was it. now the blue screen doesnt even come on. (the monitor doesnt turn on). is there a cure for this.

27.02.2006, 07:50
If you boot into safe mode you should be able to press ESC when prompted to load the DAEMON Tools driver. You can then finish booting windows and load the DAEMON Tools setup program to uninstall DAEMON Tools.

01.03.2006, 02:54
No I mean that I cant do anything. I tried to hold ctrl, F8, F5, esc, F1, F2, and mulitple combinations of these and it will not do anything. someone mentioned something about jumpers on the mother board or something, but I think that is too far over my head.

02.03.2006, 03:15
If you don't get any kind of display, then it's not a software problem. Something is physically wrong with your computer. You'd be best off taking it to a computer professional to diagnose the problem for you.