View Full Version : Nasty Critical system error when loading DVD-like images...

27.02.2006, 18:49
Well the problem is this..

Every time i try to load an image made from a DVD or an image larger then 3Gb the program eyther exits on his own or a critical windows error pops up..

`Tis a VERY annoying thing u can imagine as most of the images I wor with are like that.

I have 3 partitions. 2 Ntfs, 1 Fat32. I made sure that the image i wanted to load was on an NTFS partition.. still, same error.

I reinstalled my Windown 3 times allready.. Same thing.

I should mention that althou Daemon is the main Emulator i use i tried to load thoose images with similar products.. same thing, same crytical error.

If anyone has any ideea about this plz help..