View Full Version : Command line error status

22.11.2002, 10:31
would it possible to have errors returned to the command line instead of having them return via a message box. if i use the daemon command line options within a script i'm not able to trap or test for an error condition.

22.11.2002, 13:53
Daemon.exe is not a console aopplication - I think you better write your own simple console appliction by directly calling daemon.dll.

22.11.2002, 14:20
Where can I find sufficient documentation about daemon.dll ?

I think that functionallity is extremly helpful, especially after that cdrom server article in the c't I mentioned in my other suggestive post as well. :)

As a side note, does daemon.dll allow me to change the drive letter ?


22.11.2002, 15:35
Email swenske@daemon-tools.com and ask him for dameonapi. AFAIK, you can change drive letters via daemon.dll.

22.11.2002, 18:08
i was making a suggestion for future releases. the on-line doc states the following:

The following parameters can be used to create batch files or shortcuts to automatically mount an image when an application is started.

it would be nice if the program would return an %ERRORLEVEL% that the batch file could test for and act upon in case of failure.

since it was suggested that the daemon.dll be used programatically, where would one find documentation or examples to help one get started. daemon.dll seems to export only ordinals.