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02.07.2003, 01:04
I bought the Warcraft-III Frozen Throne game today, and made an iamge of the CD using CloneCD. But when I try to load the game with Daemon 3.33, I get the "insert cd...." error message.

Anyone know if Frozen Throne is using a different type of encryption or something?


02.07.2003, 01:13
Please report back what kind of protection WC3 Frozen Throne is protected with (I guess it's SecuROM V4.8x)

How did you create the image, what program was used?

02.07.2003, 01:21
You should also not use clone cd hide atip feature, since it is blacklisted.

02.07.2003, 01:50
Yeap, I think Frozen Throne uses SecuROM V4.8x, but I am not 100% sure.

I used latest version of CloneCD to burn image.

Which program would you recommend to create the image (eg. Blindread or Alcohol 120%) ?

I do not know how to create a working image.


02.07.2003, 02:13
Use securom 4.8x new datatype in alcohol 120. Read dpm info at 1x.

02.07.2003, 02:34
Andareed, thanks so very much! That did the trick. I wish I could buy you a beer.

Thanks again.


02.07.2003, 02:41
I wish I could buy you a beer.

Just license your copy of Daemon Tools, I sent Andareed the beer then


02.07.2003, 14:39
I definetely will!

Thanks guys.


02.07.2003, 17:26
I wish I could buy you a beer.

hm, I don't drink, lol. Maybe you could buy me dvd burner instead? :lol:

02.07.2003, 18:02

03.07.2003, 20:21
Is there any possibility to make a CloneCD-Image work???. I tryed to burn this imgage again with Alcohol 120%, but it didnt work.

Can you help me?

03.07.2003, 20:30
No, not really. You could try making an mds/mdf, then you can get mds from someone.

03.07.2003, 20:39
ok, i made mdf-file.

Who could be so friendly and send me the mds-file???

My e-mail is: Thana123@gmx.net

Thanks much

04.07.2003, 08:09
I work at a lan center, and as such I use daemon tools a lot. Anyway, we just got a bunch of frozen throne copies, so I used cloneCD to make a copy, sent the image to 5 computers over the network, and loaded it up in daemon tools. Installed fine. It also ran fine. Works flawlessly (win2k systems). so anyway, I burned the image file (directly as a file) to a cd, copied it to my home machine, popped it into daemon tools, and it installs fine, but will NOT run (the insert CD pops up).

All the daemon tools settings are identical, and the image file is identical. The only difference is this is a 98 machine.. Very strange, and very frustrating.. I could have brought the real cd home :/

04.07.2003, 17:22
i solved the problem.

for TFT you dont need the TFT-CD. The warcraft-classic-cd is enough.

LOL, so easy. :lol:

04.07.2003, 17:53
so I used cloneCD to make a copy

There's the problem. Clonecd can't handle new protections. You must use alcohol 120 to make the image. User securom 4.8x new and read dpm at 1x.

05.07.2003, 15:07
funny i used CloneCD to copy C&C Generals.. was only way i could copy that game.. alcohol couldn't ..

05.07.2003, 15:37
I copied Generals with Alcohol, absolutely no problems.
Maybe you did some wrong settings on Alcohol, f.e. if your writer isn't capable of burning efm correct

06.07.2003, 15:25
Hey, I registered my copy last week. Buy yourself a beer too :)

06.07.2003, 19:13
Hey, I registered my copy last week. Buy yourself a beer too

Hehehe, I know :) Thank you for you the yumyum beer :)

Exactly what I need today