View Full Version : Micosoft Flight Simulator Problems

02.07.2003, 03:33
I'm trying to get Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 working with the D - Tools. I mount the .bin images, but they dont seem to work, I Have no idea whats going on.

02.07.2003, 03:41
Maybe the images is bad.
It doesnt work at all?

02.07.2003, 03:43
Ya, well it does the usual please wait... then when i go to the Virtual drive, it says "Windows cannot read this disk." I'm stumped here.

02.07.2003, 13:12
How did you make/get this bin file?

03.07.2003, 09:28
As i know there is a problem with the CUE/BIN Files of FS2004 to be found on the net, i'm assuming you are talking about these warez files!

This is not the place to discuss warez matters, READ THE RULES!

@Mod: I suggest to close this topic!

26.07.2003, 01:11
i have the full game, but i like having my favorite games runnin gof my PC for speed and ease of use. i tried mounting the bin with daemin but still get a safedisk message. whats up?

26.07.2003, 01:54
HOW did you make this bin and with what settings? You can try enabling safedisc emulation (via tray icon).

27.07.2003, 02:21
i did safedisk emulation when making the bin

27.07.2003, 05:28
What program and settings did you use to make this image?

28.07.2003, 02:23
We want to know WHICH program you used to create the image!

15.03.2004, 01:16
Operating System:
Burning Software:
Anti-virus Software:
DAEMON Tools Version:

Try using Blindwrite to create images!!!