View Full Version : auto launch of virtual drive games

01.03.2006, 16:55
I have an annoying problem. The 1st time I log in after a reboot, the games on the virtual drives will start automatically. As long as I don't reboot, subsequent login's have no such problem. It is as if each virtual drive is ejected and re-mounted after a reboot. I am using DT 4.0.3.


01.03.2006, 17:46
Disable automount, and/or disable autoplay of data cds (e.g. via CloneCD or TwaekUI).

01.03.2006, 18:41
Disabling automount will work. However I prefer to have the image mounted automatically after a reboot or login. I don't have this problem on other machines. Just this one machine has it. There must be a switch in XP that got accidentally set.

01.03.2006, 21:07
Autoplay is enabled by default, disable it then as suggested.