View Full Version : Emulating a drive that will link to another drive.

02.07.2003, 19:20
I have a Pioneer 104 DVD-RW IDE drive. I want to emulate a SCSI drive so that my software will find it. I then want to send an image from my software to the emulated SCSI drive that will then pass it to my IDE drive and burn it.

Is this possible?

02.07.2003, 22:00
Does software not support your IDE drive directly? Why you want to access it via virtual SCSI drive?

02.07.2003, 22:04
This software will only find SCSI drives so you need to EMU it so that the software will go to the next step. If I EMU the Drive then it will show in the list. But without linking to another drive it can't tell that there is a blank in the drive.

Man I used the word Drive too much!!

02.07.2003, 22:09
Currently this is not possible, but may be in the future.