View Full Version : I cant get daemon to work with warcraft 3 frozen throne expac.

03.07.2003, 00:36
I created to images 1 with cdrwin3.9 cue sheet. that didnt wanna work so I installed clonecd I made another image still wont work. I am wondering if I need a different program to make the image with or does daemon need an upgrade? Any help is welcome.


03.07.2003, 00:48
Yes, you should use alcohol 120%. Use securom new 4.8x profile and read dpm at 1x.

12.07.2003, 05:46
hey, i have the same problem, though ii sued alcohol 120% i made a mds and tried using it on thats. then i made a iso of it and tried it on both alcohol and daemon. my bro got his to work somehow, using the same setting but i cant get miens to work? :|

12.07.2003, 12:39
Your ISO will never work. You must use only MDS that you produced - this is actual real format that will allow you to use emulation.

12.07.2003, 15:00
my bro uses the iso i made for him , and it works for daemon tools