View Full Version : Can't play and Games after Iso mounted!

03.03.2006, 18:48

I have a problem with DT 4.03! I often used DT4 it and everything worked fine!
When I mount Toca Race Driver 3.mds (for example) I can only see DVD Drive D. If everything whould work fine I whould see the Toca Race Driver 3 Name and it whould start automatically. When I start the game now it can't find my mounted Image. It looks like I mount the image but it doesnt run.

Does anyone understand my problem? I hope anyone can help me ^^

Thx in advance :)

03.03.2006, 19:42
Check if you disabled Auto Insert Notification. Right-click on the Daemon Tools tray icon, go to Virtual CD/DVD-ROM, select the right device and click Set Device Parameters. If AIN is disabled, enable it and check if your problem persists.