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04.03.2006, 07:56
I have set up several games on my kids computer and use DaemonScript to set up a script and shortcut for the desktop. Most of the games work but a few keep giving me the error that roughly say that no cd is installed. I have verified that the images are mounted. there are several of them but here is a short list: Emperors New Groove, Little Bear-Rainy Day Activities, some of the Jumpstart Games and Star Wars Galactic Battlefield ( A little mature for them but they have to learn Star Wars at some point).

Is there some sort of parameter that will direct the app to look at the virtual drive for the CD? Or Some other fix?

04.03.2006, 18:28
What copy protections does these games use?

I think your images are crap, recreate it with Alcohol 120%/52% with the profile for copy protection after you know which protections are used.

Maybe you need to unblacklist, so then use CureRom.

02.12.2006, 17:40
I don't think that the Jumpstart games actually use any copy protection. The problem is that some of these games keep track of what CD they were installed from and look for the game there. If you previously installed the game from a real drive (D: for example), and then try to run an image from a virtual drive, it will fail.

Just reinstall the game from the virtual drive and it will likely work.

You can do this by opening the virtual disk in the 'my computer' folder (right click and select 'open'). Then look for a program named either 'install' or 'setup'.

02.12.2006, 20:33
What's the sense in bringing up a 9 months old thread?