View Full Version : what's SPTDinst X86

07.03.2006, 17:32
Sombody can explain what's SPTDinst X86 used for?


07.03.2006, 18:26
Installs SPTD on OS like Windows 2k, XP ..., not Windows XP 64-Bit.

07.03.2006, 18:29
It is stand-alone SPTD layer installation and removal program for 32bit OS.

14.03.2006, 14:34
How do you use the download file? Just open it or what?

14.03.2006, 17:06
This is the description from the download page
Description: this is the standalone-package of the SPTD-driver. To remove the SPTD-driver, simple download it and via command-console, execute it "sptdinst_x86.exe remove" and SPTD will remove itself from your windows installation. If you want to add it, execute in command console "sptdinst_x86.exe add". SPTD is also used (besides DaemonTools) in some proprietary security, antivirus and monitoring applications which are not disclosed to wide public.You can't just open it. It says that you should open a command line window. You should execute it with a command line argument ("sptdinst_x86.exe add" or "sptdinst_x86.exe remove").

15.03.2006, 16:18
So I'm supposed to press run, cmd and then typ this "sptdinst_x86.exe add" to install it?