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07.03.2006, 22:52
Hi, just to keep all you guys/girls up to date...

The next version of CureROM 2.0 will be avalible shortly... :D

The major error fixed is the "CureROM could not start its Anti-Blacklist Measures..." this should make some people happy... i hope... :rolleyes:

Also the next version will have multilingual support... (the language files can be easily modified)...

The file links for the next version will be posted in this thread and the CureROM homepage www.curerom.net ... so keep you eyes open...

07.03.2006, 23:18
thats good to hear, even though i dont have any probz with curerom (not anymore). any other changes other then those listed above?

09.03.2006, 16:44
will it support toca 3?

09.03.2006, 17:19
no, curerom supports games protected by safedisk 4 or Securom 7. Toca is starforce 3.7 protected.

09.03.2006, 20:52
yep ! really good new ... I really like this app. My time is saved & playing become easier thanks to cureRom. well done sYk0 !

09.03.2006, 21:52
CureROM just rocks ! I use it !!! I'm waiting the v2 !!!

09.03.2006, 22:39
CureROM 2.0 will be released for Win32 first... with an Win64 version in the works... :P

Also includes improved anti-blacklists for Daemon Tools, Alcohol... and a few extra... :D

Some additional features(Non Major) have been added, a full description of the updates/changes will be posted when 2.0 gets released...

11.03.2006, 08:35
Any news on it? Or perhaps an early beta version? Because Commando's Strike Force doesn't seem to work anymore, hoping that it will work with 2.0 :)

11.03.2006, 18:58
Good stuff with CureRom 2.0, can't wait to see it out, keep up the good work!

11.03.2006, 19:02
Well, I reinstalled DT403, and now Commandos is working with CureROM:D

12.03.2006, 08:35
It doesn't work for me,
here is what I did

I opened curerom
I selected Create a new CureROM profile and clicked next

then in the application box i clicked on the browse folder and selected Daemon then I clicked on next again

With image mounting i selected I do NOT want to use any virtual CD/DVD software and clicked NExt again

at the shortcut settings i clicked next again

and at last i selected Save, finish.

then I clicked the icon on my desktop
it opens deamon tools and curerom, after that when I doubleclick the game it takes a while to load but then at last it gives me a error which says '' Original disc could not be found or authenticated. ''
Could please someone help me? =)))))) :) :confused: :confused:

12.03.2006, 12:38
Which game are you trying to run..?
Search the forums for any help regarding the game and how to get it to work, there should be atleast one answer for you..

Your first mistake would be selecting the Daemon-tools executable(deamon.exe) as the application file in CureROM...
this should be the executable to start the game...

In the next release of CureROM, it will be easier for users to share thier CureROM profiles with other people... just wait and see..

12.03.2006, 13:18
i know that in 2.0 doesn't support starforce but how about furture versions??

12.03.2006, 13:31
I dont think so, because StarForce differs from the easier CopyProtection ones like SD4 and SR7.

12.03.2006, 13:33
I dont think so, because StarForce differs from the easier CopyProtection ones like SD4 and SR7.

but maybe he can give it a try :) pleasee to starforce 3.4 so i can play SC:CT :) 3.5 to 3.7 works because i've nforce 4

12.03.2006, 15:39
I dont think so, because StarForce differs from the easier CopyProtection ones like SD4 and SR7.
For people who are willing to unplug their drives, Starforce is actually one of the easy protections. With a good image it's just mount and play.
SecuROM is a little trickier because of the blacklisting, and that's where a tool like CureROM is very helpful.

@sYk0: Is there any chance CureROM will ever get a digital signature for Daemon Tools? I don't like disabling secure mode, because any program or protection can then change emulation options or even unmount images.

15.03.2006, 09:16
@sYk0 looks like your site www.curerom.net has been taken down :confused:

15.03.2006, 10:30
@sYk0 looks like your site www.curerom.net has been taken down
mmm, looks like you're correct... i was not hosting/maitaining the site it was done by someone else...

18.03.2006, 17:53
So any idea when 2.0 will be released?

18.03.2006, 20:10
Should be within the next week...

btw, the website is up again...

19.03.2006, 21:05
http://curerom.net/ :)

Here you will find the latest news and the latest releases.

Meanwhile our own CMS is still in the works.

30.03.2006, 13:29
Hey Guys Just thought you should see this:

! CureROM_122_Setup.exe: The file "CureROM_122_Setup.exe" header is corrupt
! \Desktop\CureROM_122_Setup.rar: Unknown method in CureROM_122_Setup.exe
! \Desktop\CureROM_122_Setup.rar: No files to extract

this is what I get with every download of curerom, please tell me where I can get a "WORKING" download.

30.03.2006, 14:45
did you download that from offical site?? because, i downloaded it yesterday, and it works fine.

30.03.2006, 15:59
i have just downloaded the 1.2 and 1.3.1 versions in order to see if links and files were ok and i've no problems.
Try again.

18.10.2006, 14:47
curerom.net down again ?

i get

"MyBB has generated a critical error and as a result cannot function correctly.

MyBB Said:

Error Code: board_not_installed"

when connecting...

18.10.2006, 16:16
Also falls jemand Kontakt zu denen hat, sollte er sie darauf aufmerksam machen, dass jemand mit einer externen Datenbank ganz einfach mal lustige Späße mit der Seite anfangen könnte (u.a. ich, aber das will ich ja gar nicht).

Edit: Oh sorry, English area. If somebody has a way to contact those guys, please do it, before some kiddies try to use that forum installer (URL removed) to have a bit "fun".

18.10.2006, 16:47
Thanx for the alert.
I mailed to curerom team to alert them.
Maybe they are already aware of it but BBE's is right.
It's done !