View Full Version : "No Language Support" error after installing 3.26

23.11.2002, 00:20
Just dl'ed and installed my first use of this program. v 3.26... win xp w/sp1 environment... shortcut is calling a '-lang 1033' which I believe is the default of ENglish, which is a directory under D-Tools and does have a 'language.dll' version 3.17 in it....I did try 'repair' under Control Panel, Add/Delete, Daemon Tools.....ANy idea short of doing this all over again...or is this a bug....

23.11.2002, 15:00
The version of language DLL is ok for 3.26 - it still uses old language.dll.
You must have other problem - most likely you used seme registry cleaner.

27.11.2002, 05:01
I have the same problem, used a registry cleaner and now I have the "no language support" problem. Is there anyway to remedy this problem?

27.11.2002, 12:22
Yes, read the FAQ on our main page!