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03.07.2003, 23:42
Hi guys my name is Jacob, the program works great, my main problem is that the sound sounds very bad and it is hard to understand. I have already tried changing from digital to analog and also from device manager doing the same thing. I have also changed the number of speakers in my pc from 5.1 to 2 stereo. When I run this program from the CD, the sound is fine regarless of the settings. If anyone could tell me how to fix the sound, please let me know.
my email is:
the program is in a ISO file and I have winXP SP1.

04.07.2003, 00:02
this solution is stupid but works.
in winxp os under advance audio property, turn down audio playback hardware acceleration to basic or off.
I have no clue why this happens but it works. :lol: