View Full Version : Deadlock after death of remore machine hosting image

08.03.2006, 10:26

I had 2 virtual drives having DVD images mapped from network shares. After the machine hosting these images was rebooted (virtual drives were not used at the time of reboot) DT GUI hung on attempt to decrease number of virtual drives to 1 (I did not unmap images manually prior to device number decrease). I had to kill GUI but now I still see two virtual devices in device manager and second one is not functioning (No drivers installed for device). Scan for hardware changes hangs. Also, USB Flash Drives are not detected by the system, when inserted.
I think all these will disappear after reboot but I just have important program running and can't reboot the system at this time to verify.
DT 4.03 Win32
Windows XP SP2 on PIV with HT
No other CD emulators.

08.03.2006, 13:07
Try to disable automount and disable all virtual devices, then re-enable them.
Probably file system redirector hangs, which Daemon Tools accesses.

08.03.2006, 14:55
The trick is that daemon.exe process can't be killed even though TerminateProcess() API returns success. It still remains in process list. And another copy does not start (it is listed among processes but does not display tray icon). The second copy can be killed though, but it still does not solve problem with first one.