View Full Version : My computer wont read the cd after install

04.07.2003, 20:08
Okay first of all I dont think the alien head dude even read the post before he locked it. "Sorry, can't help you with downloaded files." I didnt even ask for help with downloaded files. I was just trying to give some more information in an attempt to find a solution to my problem.

so sorry if this breaks any forum rules but im going to repost in hope to fix my problem.

""I've found this problem with 2 newer games right out of the box, max payne and wc3 the frozen throne. The autoplay works fine i can install them and browse the cd and go through the cds folders but when i go to launch either games with the real legit cds in my drive it gives me the "cannot find cd, please insert it" speel. I think it may have something to do with daemon tools because i rarely dl stuff like that and it worked fine (i played the game) then fiddled with daemon tools and mounted an image or something and now they mysteriously dont work. Its just these 2 games though, my original wc3, morrowind, starcraft etc... work fine (all with legit original cds) so its pretty weird. Any suggestions guys? Or at least a way to play the games after installation? i uninstalled d-tools and no effect... any ideas? does it leave something behind? """

quote from locutus: "Maybe your driveletters changed trough this installation, and it's possible the Games you mentioned look for the driveletter the game where installed from!

You can simply try to uninstall the 2 mentioned Games, then reinstall them from your real drive, or search the registry for this 2 games and change the driveletter if it's stored there. It's also possible that you installed another software like a Copyprogram (f.e. CloneCD) or something similar and the Games recognize that and stop working. "

could you please elaborate on this?

since my cd drive thing is having trouble reading those 2 cds i downloaded them off of Bittorrent (sort of like kazaa) and they have all the cue and bin files (basically the stuff you mount images with) so i had the cd contents on my hard drive and it ran fine but as soon as i unmount the cd (even if i remount it) i require a reinstall to get it to work again

i have installed blindwrite and clone cd but im pretty sure i deleted both, could soemthing left behind by the unistall cause my problem?

ok sorry for the repost but I want help with a cd drive reading problem, not downloaded files. Thanks again. Any suggestions at all even "dude your cd drive is screwed buy a new one" My computer has 2 drives adn both have the same reading disc after install problem so i figure its internal....thanks