View Full Version : Need help. Daemon kill my card-reader.

Rob G
09.03.2006, 06:26
Dunno how this happen but when I installed Daemon Tools 4.0.3, my card reader got over written. I used to have 2 drives, M and N, as my card readers. As soon as the Daemon Tools Finished installation, they became virtual cd/dvd drives. I was panicked so I remove Daemon Tool right away. Now those 2 drives were gone. Another thing is my PC used to detect USB drive and made it accessible via My Computer. It doesn't do the job anymore. I have to go to Disk manager to access my USB drive. I need help to bring them back please. I really need to use them. Please anyone.

09.03.2006, 16:14
have you tired changing the letters back? right click my computer, manage, disk management, and try changing the drive letters.

Rob G
10.03.2006, 01:54
Yes, I tried that and it gave me
"The operation did not complete because the partition or volume is not enabled. To enable the partition or volume, restart the computer"
the above error.
When I look in Device Manager both drives said "Use this Device(Enable)". I can see both of them under Disk Drives.

Any idea how to fix them? My card-reader is internal and it is pluged into the usb slot on motherboard. Could it be that the problem is the USB driver or something? Because USB drive isn't working as well but I can use my USB bluetooth okay.

Rob G
10.03.2006, 03:45
Sorry for double post.
Just wanna let you guys know that the problem is now solved.
Thanks to UnderHeaven rep (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/showpost.php?p=52368&postcount=7) in this thread (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/t10304-connect-my-psp-and-the-removable-disk-wont-show-up.html).

So I boot up in Safe mode and press Esc so that nothing is loaded. Run the stpdisnt_x86 and it said no STPD is currently installed. So I took a bet and go to Windows\system32\drivers\ as UnderHeaven said. Look for any file that named stpd.sys. I had 2 of them one is called 127stpd.sys I think. I delete both of them and now wollah!! Everything is back to normal again. Thanks al1uk for trying and helping me and thanks UnderHeaven for replying that topic and let me know what shouldn't be there.

Great community here, all the best!!

11.08.2006, 01:04
I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am. My problem was not related to Daemon, but this fix also helped an identical problem of unknown origin.
Anyway, it worked, and now I can view my SD card in My Computer again.

Thanks a million!