View Full Version : Admin troubles with CureROM

10.03.2006, 08:22
Hi, I recently installed the latest version of CureROM (1.3), but when I try to run it I get this error message:

"CureROM can not run on your system account, in order for CureROM to work you require Administrative priveliges. Contact your system administrator to change your account type."

I am at a loss as to how to fix this problem, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

10.03.2006, 09:13
What user group is your account a member of? Users, Power Users, etc. Are you an administrator or did you try logging on with the the Administrator Account (username:Administrator) ?

Is your machine a member of a domain? Is it a work PC or a home PC? What Operating System are you using? If its XP, is it Home or Professional?

10.03.2006, 19:39
My computer is a home PC, networked to 4 other home PCs. The OS is Windows ME, is this the problem? Thanks for your reply, as far as user group accounts go, Im not so sure.

10.03.2006, 21:34
The OS is Windows ME, is this the problem?

99.9% certainty that yes, indeed Windows ME is your problem

10.03.2006, 22:02
Check out the next release of CureROM... 2.0 will be released soon...