View Full Version : DaemonScript parameter bug

07.07.2003, 13:19
Sorry for talking about a third-party program here, but as the DaemonScript forums (http://members.lycos.co.uk/andareed/nuke/modules.php?name=Forums) do not seem to be actively maintained, I hope the author is reading this in order to help me. As some one already mentioned in the DaemonScript forums, passing parameters with the "RunApp" command does not seem to work in version 1.2.1. When I enter

Executable: C:\Program Files\VideoLAN Client\vlc.exe
Parameters: vcd:v
Startup Directory:
the program gets executed, but the parameters are not passed. When I use a simple batch file like

@"C:\Program Files\VideoLAN Client\vlc.exe" vcd:v
it works. How to solve this problem / get a bug-fixed version?

07.07.2003, 13:40
Download latest version from our downloads section. This should be fixed now.

07.07.2003, 16:25
thanks, it really seems to work. when was version 1.3.0 released, by the way?

07.07.2003, 16:32
A few days ago.