View Full Version : Can't get rid of virtual drives even after fdisk and format

07.07.2003, 16:25
My computer is a real mess. We installed daemon tools a while back and sense then have had some issues and needed to start over with things. I have 2 Hdd a cdrom and dvdrom. Even after fdisk, format, and a brand new install of windows the virtual drives are still there. They are confusing things and placing drive letters all over the place. I have tried the fdisk, format, and reload several different times over the last week in different ways to see if anything will remove those drives, but they still remain and each time my hdd gets label a different letter. I currently have my slave unplugged. Please give me some ideas, I'm despirate to get my computer working again. I had no idea that a program could possiblly hang on to settings through an fdisk and format.

07.07.2003, 16:51
fdisk/format will surely remove virtual drives.

07.07.2003, 17:49
got it....thanks. It turned out to be something else.