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10.03.2006, 23:42
hi! I got a problem when I trying to install D-Tools. I Got a AMD 64 CPU so I download the X64. But when I Try to install it, it says : Platform not suportet. uhm, why? http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/images/icons/icon9.gif I dont understand why, I'm not a newbie on this kind of stuff... The weird thing is that I got further in the install progress with the X86. in that installation i got to the Agrement, there it crashes. The other weird thing is that D-Tools has been installed on this Comp. before...I Dont get it :S so please help me...

Kiss and hugh Tobbe

11.03.2006, 06:07
You cannot use the 64 bit version if you're running Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 32 bit. You need a 64-bit OS and a 64-bit processor. That's likely the cause for the platform not supported error message. As for why the 32-bit version crashes, I don't know.

18.03.2006, 20:42
allright, but what I know so do I have 64-bit OS. I hanen't bulid the computer myself. it's a Packard Bell, so I think it's a 64-bit OS...So I dont get it why I dont cant install it. I can install the v3.47 but not 4.03 :S
Really Weird

But thx for your answer

19.03.2006, 12:59
If you are able to install v3.47 you obviously have 32bit OS, thus you've to use v4.03_x86.

19.03.2006, 16:33
Right click on "My computer", "Properties" and look in System, you will see something like "Microsoft Windows XP ..." but nothing with x64.

23.03.2006, 18:12
Allright..! But when I try to Install the v4.03 X8, I get a message: Internal setup error. Contact Support. :( Why? :S i dont get it!