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23.11.2002, 08:57
Uhh im new to all this stuff. I have this .bin file that came with a .cue file that i dont know what to do with. Its a movie that my friend gave me then left town. Can anyone help? I have the newest version of daemons tools but i dont really know what any of this mount/unmount stuff is and no idea what that emulation thing is. Im sure I would understand it as soon as the basic function of these things were explained to me... im kinda jumping into all this. Basically whats a bin file and how do i play it?

23.11.2002, 10:25
Right click the Virtual DAEMON Manager and goto / Help / Manual.

23.11.2002, 21:42
I already checked the help. It does not tell me what to do with a .bin file. This program seems to revolve arounf games. Will I be able to play this movie with it? Someone please tell me how. Thanks

23.11.2002, 22:21
A *.bin file ALWAYS needs also a *.cue-file.
I suppose you don't have it and therefor got this bin from the web! I strongly suggest you read the board rules if you don't want to be banned!

27.11.2002, 02:50
I DO have the .cue file though. I didnt download the thing. My friend whos like a whiz at computers gave it to me and expected me to know how to get at it. Also I did read the rules before joining.

27.11.2002, 04:11
To mount an image, right-click on the daemon tray-icon, goto Virtual CDROM/DVDROM, goto a device, click mount, and browse for the image.

And BTW, this IS!!! in the manual, under Contents, Usage, Mounting an image... It's also listed in the index under mounting an image... And you could have also used the search feature.... So don't say it ain't in the manual cause it is :wink:

27.11.2002, 12:24
Then you should know that downloaded movies are WAREZ in 99.9%. So be careful what you post!

29.11.2002, 06:33
Ok I know that the mount option is in the manuel but i dont know what to do from there. I did manage to mount both the bin and cue files at different times but did not know where to go from there. So after I mount either the cue file or bin(plz tell me witch) what do i do to play it? Also i dont know if this program will play the movie like a player or allow another program to play it... whats the deal? ive never made anything work with this program since this is the first thing ive tried.

29.11.2002, 06:57
You should mount the .cue file. Next goto my computer. Double-click on the daemon-tools drive (the one that isn't your cdrom). Double-click on the movie file.

30.11.2002, 20:57
Ok I got the .cue file opened. I go into My Computer and open up the drive. Once im there there are four different folders EXT, MPEGAV, SEGMENT, and VCD. There is a large .DAT file in MPEGAV but it just asks me what i want to open it with and i dont know. So how do I play it from there?

01.12.2002, 11:07
The questions your asking may seem difficult to you but your main problem is that you don't understand the computer.
These guys have put together a software package to handle aparticular task. What you are asking for is an explaination of how the computer handles a whole range of unrelated tasks.
Viewing the movie is nothing to do with Daemon Tools your poroblems would be the same if it was the original Disk. :roll:

01.12.2002, 12:47
Uhm, wouldn't it open with a sort of movieplayer? (hint)

01.12.2002, 19:23
@buckman: EXACTLY! Thank you for the explanation!

@Deathangel: buckman is right!! This board is named DAEMON TOOLS SUPPORT not MOVIEZ SUPPORT.


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