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11.03.2006, 12:09
I'm using Windows XP x64 and I'm experiencing the same problem with hanging up just before going to log in screen.

The strange thing is, that I tried to instal VD4. All was OK, no problems with using. After reboot computer hangs up with black screen. I choosed "last known good configuration" and system was back all right.

So I tried to install VD4 again, and immediately uninstall it. After reboot it worked fine. It continued loading all programs (NOD32 etc.) and then hang up again. But with no black screen. The cursor was not moving, only hdd led was blinking.

I also noticed, that the CPU fan rises to max rpm during the hanging up.

Maybe this will help...

11.03.2006, 16:07
I would check to see if the hang issue goes away with DAEMON Tools uninstalled and SPTD removed.

To remove the SPTD-driver, download the sptdinst_x86 (program name changes if using the 64-bit version, 32-bit ends in _x86) program from the downloads section of this website and via the command-console black screen, execute it "sptdinst_x86.exe remove" and SPTD will remove itself from your windows installation.

You can manually check to see if sptd has been removed. Look for Windows\system32\drivers\sptd.sys. You can rename or delete the file to disable SPTD. If the file is in use or locked you can rename or delete it by booting Windows to Safe mode. Then reboot if you had to manually rename or delete the sptd.sys file.

12.03.2006, 09:10
Yes, the computer locks up even if sptd driver is removed. When I install only sptd driver, it is all right. It hangs up AFTER installing VD4. The same problem is also with Acohol120%. With only sptd drivers installed, the system is all right. But with the software for using it, it hangs up.

13.03.2006, 15:13
VD4 = DAEMON Tools 4.0.3 X64 ?

15.03.2006, 21:24
Yes, it is Daemon tools, version 4.0.3, for x64.

20.03.2006, 23:37
same... even pressing esc on SPTD on Safe mode wont let me in.

How do i get in to remove it. Please help.

21.03.2006, 08:43
Use the Recovery Console from your Installation CD. Boot to that then rename
\Windows\System32\drivers\SPTD.sys and it should be disabled.