View Full Version : Problem with alcohol 120%.

11.03.2006, 15:19
Hello everybody. I have a problem here with alcohol 120%. First of all I have downloaded the latest version of the software. I have a DVD-RW NEC 3520 DVD recording device.
When I try to write or simulate an image the computer freezes after some minutes (not constant) and I have to reboot manually! I have deactivated the screen saver in case it was the problem but the problem remained. I have tried either iso images or mdf images...
any suggestions??

11.03.2006, 23:17
You also can contact the support of Alcohol 120%:

12.03.2006, 10:57
send a System Report with a description of the problem to support_team@alcohol-soft.com includes any error messages etc that you recieve also let us know what you have for other Burning Softwares installed on your System.