View Full Version : I have a problem to install of Daemon400

11.03.2006, 22:35
I have a problem to install of Daemon400, every time that I try to install this writing it appears him/it:

This programm will istall SCSI Throurg Direct (SPTD) layer on your computer.
WARNING-SPTD is not compatible with kernel fashions debuggers (SoftICE, WinDBG etc.)!
Please cancel setup if you plan to use kernel debugger on machine.

I add that the problem is verified following the formatting of the HARD DISK

do you have some suggestion to give me?

12.03.2006, 11:32
Itґs not an error, only is a warning that says SPTD is not compatible with some debuggers as SoftIce, and anothers.

If you are programmer and need this tools, install a previous version (3.47)

12.03.2006, 15:58
Please search before posting.

arisma's response is very informative and here's another thread on this issue:
SPTD information message