View Full Version : when will the next version of daemon tools comeout?

10.07.2003, 00:19
i have been waiting for it to fix Rainbow6 III and warcraft3 blacklist problems :roll:

10.07.2003, 01:15
There are no current blacklists against daemon tools that are known.

If you can, find out the protection type/versions of these two games (I know warcraft III is securom 4.8x new). ALso post the patch version of the game.

24.09.2003, 08:45
Operating System: xp sp1
Burning Software: blindwrite suite clonecd 4.01.10 roxio easy cd creator 5
Anti-virus Software: norton antivirus 2003
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.33

i do know of one program that blacklists demon tools.. a while ago i bought microsofts asherons call 2.. it REFUSED to install while i had demon tools loaded.. i had to disable all drives in order for it to work... not only that but when i ripped it with clone cd it refused to begin to install when mounted and yet the cd worked fine.. i reripped the game with clonecd yet again to make sure but alas... i gave up.. hate that game anyways.. took it back.. i refuse to pay 19.95 a month for that POS lol...

25.09.2003, 15:44
Operating System: WinXP sp1
Burning Software: Alcohol 1.4.6-711
Anti-virus Software: Nod32 2.000.6
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.33

Neverwinter nights - shadow's of undrentide with patch 1.31 rmps copy does no longer run with D-Tools or Alcohol with rmps emulation enabled. It worked prior to the 1.31 patch.
Mounting the image still works fine.


Glen Guenther
08.10.2003, 16:54
Operating System: Windows XP Pro, SP1
Burning Software: CloneCD, V4.2.0.2
Anti-virus Software: Norton Antivirus V6.01 Build 57
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

FYI, according to ClonyXXL V2.0.1.5 the V1.32 maintenance of NWN: Shadows of Undrentide is now using SecuROM *new* protection. I tried creating an image of it with CloneCD and then mounting it with Daemon Tools V3.41. It mounts okay and looks fine but it won't run the game. I just downloaded Daemon Tools last night and registered it this morning so I haven't played around with it much yet (I've tried it with just RMPS emulation checked and with both Securom and RMPS checked but with no luck). There's another thread that talks about CloneCD parameters. I'm going to add some questions to that thread but wanted to mention the new SecuROM version for NWN:SoU here...

Glen Guenther

P.S. Not that it really matters here but I'm not trying to create a physical copy of the original disk. If I can run it from a virtual drive then I'll tuck my original away in a nice safe place...

08.10.2003, 17:05
You won't be able to run NWN from virtual drive with CloneCD image! You've to use Alcohol to create mds-image with DPM data - otherwise RMPS emulation won't work either.

Glen Guenther
08.10.2003, 17:29
Sigh... I was afraid that someone was going to say that!

There was another thread talking about NWN:SoU and CloneCD, saying that CloneCD wouldn't work with HideAtip enabled. I was going to ask in that thread if anyone knew how to disable that.

I presume from this, though, that CloneCD won't even work if I DO figure out how to disable that. I guess I'll look into Alcohol. Would BlindRead work, too? I'm not sure that it's worth it me to to pay $50 for another copy program just so that I can run this game from a virtual CD drive...

Thanks for the information, though!

Glen Guenther

08.10.2003, 18:13
Newest Blindwrite should work, too.

08.10.2003, 18:22
You shoud already forget about CloneCD - this software is outdated and discontinued. It is not compatible with latest copy protections.

08.10.2003, 19:30
Well, Elby sold the CloneCD rights to SlySoft (http://www.slysoft.com) - so wait and see :mrgreen:

08.10.2003, 20:09
:lol: Then it will be already SlyCD :)