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11.07.2003, 00:04

Does anyone know of a program/driver that allows burning a virtual CD to a virtual device? I know it is inconceivable that this could ever be needed. It is so stupid of an idea a lot of "smart" people would dismiss it out of hand.

I have a laptop with no burner and use AudioGalaxy Rhapsody which will only allow you to burn to a writable device. So it would be nice to burn my Rhapsody (paid for) downloads to a virtual ISO and then rip them into MP3 later, or even combine them into a CD Audio disc later.

But then again it is probably some stupid idea and I am too dumb to even know what I need.


11.07.2003, 01:22
Nero, ultraiso, and many others allow you to compile files together and save them as an iso.

11.07.2003, 07:08
Nero, ultraiso, and many others allow you to compile files together and save them as an iso.

Rhapsody will only burn files to a writable device. There are no fileson the hard drive to compile into an ISO. What is needed is a virtual CDRW kind of like the virtual CD-ROM programs you see everywhere.


11.07.2003, 11:05
Try Neroґs Image Recorder :roll:

11.07.2003, 21:09
Rahpsody is a service that has a software front end. You can buy the music and burn the CD from their software program only. You don't download a file to your hard drive. The Rhaposdy service qeues up the songs to burn and then burns them directly as an Audio CD to your writable device. If there is no writable device on the system then you get an error message saying the operation cannot be performed.

What would be nice is a virtual writable device so that you could burn the Audio CD as an image and then later rip to MP3 or transfer it to another computer that has a burner. My laptop does not have a burner, but it is the computer that I plug speakers into and listen to the Rhapsody service.

So any type of virtual device that is only accessed by a program, such as Nero, won't work. It has o be system device driver.

I think there is a need for a virtual writable device. I bet that in the future, as more online music services crop up, there will be more of a need. Same thing goes for all types of online content delivery, DVDs, software etc.


15.07.2003, 02:15
Yep, I think this is one of those things where an emulated cd writer is usuable. Although it is one of few reasons. But that could be used for anything that can burn cds but don't have an image writer function.

I know Daemon-Tools won't do it though.

Will Daemon-Tools emulate a CDRW or DVD-RW?

No, for sure not as this doesn't make any sense. We cannot see any reason why a writing device should be emulated, even for testing purposes to see if a burned image would work. Burn to a RW media if you need to test. The main problem in emulating (apart from it's senselessnes) a burning device is that every writer has different abilities.

25.07.2003, 02:33
got the idea!

a virtual CDR/RW drive that has a drive letter assigned to it that you can see on your windows explorer!

nice one!

30.09.2003, 23:02
Not sure if it can emulate a CD-RW, but you might want to look at FileDisk at http://www.insidewindows.info/

30.09.2003, 23:43
All you really need is a portable version of the disk writer code on various burning software. Of course, you would need it to be able to assign it to a drive letter and have it fake the fact it has burning capability. But that should be it. I would think that it would be possible.