View Full Version : Unable to set new drive letter

14.03.2006, 15:44
ok this is what hapened..

i had a realy old version of d-tools and i was to lasy to serch on how to uninstall it..so i yust deleated it from program files.....

after that i dled newest version of d-tools and atlast uninstaled it compleatly

buth instal finished the drives didnt showed up on ''my computer''

and when i tryed to set up letter on my drive (non of them didnt hawe letter after install) it was saying me this ''Unable to set new drive letter''

how to resolve this problem?:confused:

14.03.2006, 17:00
See the post entitled "No drive letter(s) assigned to the virtual drive(s), or virtual drive(s) disappear" in the Common Problems and Solutions forum.