View Full Version : need experienced help!!!

11.07.2003, 03:20
Ok, I have win xp, daemon, clonecd, and a burner. I use to buy two copies of everything because my son and i net play together. I dont wish to waste all the money anymore(he lives in the same house) it just seems like a waste. OK here it is Rallisport Challenge, i have the cd image and daemon turned on and i burn it and it still says cd not verified, what is the virtual drive for , and i am apperently missing a step or two here, when i try to transfer the image to the virtual drive it says insert disk into drive. Is there a site with step by step ( What do i do) instructions? Everything i find is just a bit here and a bit there, but no just do this!! HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have spent so much money to save money i feel like it was not worht it ...