View Full Version : mount images when started in DOS-mode (win 98) and let them be bootable?

16.03.2006, 04:04
I got my dads old laptop the other day and it's not really any high tech about it. One thing in special is that it lacks a CD-drive. However it has a network connection so I can make an iso of programs I want to install on the laptop and install them using daemon.

However, I'd like to upgrade OS to Win ME or XP, depending on if XP can even be run on that laptop at all... Now, since it lacks CD-drive I'd like to copy the OS iso to partition D: on the HD on the laptop, start from a DOS-floppy, mount the iso from DOS-mode and install the new OS to partition C: . That's because I dont have the money to go and buy myself a USB-CD-drive... Anyone know if there is a DOS-version of daemon or at least a version that will work from DOS-mode? Or if there is a similar program to daemon that can?

16.03.2006, 10:52
No, but if your laptop has network access you can copy the XP cd to the hdd via network and try to run XP setup from local hdd.

16.03.2006, 19:16
I did this once with a PC with only one partition. I could not format, because then I lost network access and there would be no way to copy the contents of the Windows CD on it.

So I copied the CD first, then booted in DOS mode, and then I manually deleted all directories except the one with the Windows setup in it. Took a very long time to delete everything, but it worked ;)

But you can also just upgrade your OS (installing over the old one), but personally I don't like this method. I prefer a clean install.