View Full Version : flashing bios on A8n-SLI

17.03.2006, 05:26
Currently have windows xp Pro SP2 - wanting to flash the bios on my a8n-sli (not delux) for some reason when i create a bootable floopy in windows, I cannot see the C: drive (only see the A: Drive).

Anyone give some help?

17.03.2006, 10:06
Your HD is a SATA drive? If yes, you won't see it when you boot on a floppy.

By the way, with a little search on the asus website, you'll learn that they provide a tool to flash your bios from windows...

17.03.2006, 14:48
Download ASUSUpdate from the ASUS website, it will automaticaly download the latest BIOS and update. After updating, restart your PC that's all.
Works perfectly for me, I own the same board.

17.03.2006, 20:11
Modern Bios have integrated the updater program, another option is use AsusUpdate(always says) and if your partition is ntfs your bootable floppy disk never see the files(you must copy the bios file to the flopply too)

18.03.2006, 20:37
I wouldn't risk flashing your bios, Unless you are experienced at doing so, because I'm pretty sure you can end up rendering your motherboard useless, If it is done incorrectly, thusfore not being able to boot into windows, or access your drive's, Someone correct me if I'm wrong;) .

To be honest, I would Just stick to one of those easy to use, bios updaters, provided by the motherboard maker/manufactuar. I would not attempt to flash the bios, as stated above;)

19.03.2006, 11:16
Muffin, when you use a bios updater, basicaly you flash the bios... it's exactly the same thing ;)

19.03.2006, 19:22
Sorry, I didn't know that's what the bios update utility does, I thought there was another way of flashing the bios.

But mostly what I meant is not to flash the bios, which another bios, that did not come on/with your motherboard, Just update the one your mother board came with;) I'm not sure of how it works, But there may be some specific hardware or circuit's that the bios for that motherboard, makes calls to, so it can boot the os, detect certain hardware, Sli, Raid, and the such, So I believe flashing your bios with another, not specific to that motherboard, is a bad Idea. You can also correct me if I'm wrong again;)

20.03.2006, 09:10
To simplify, it's never a good idea to flash the bios of a mobo. By the way, sometimes you need to do it. Always use the flashing utility that comes with your mobo (ot the one you find on asus' website in your mobo files).
Long time ago (back to 98's) it tried to flash an old mobo (no name) with another bios to see what happened... flash ok, and the comp booted ok... but windows 95 had damn stange behaviour. Tried to reinstall : nutting runned well. that was a real mess... completly shitty in fact. So... conclude by yourself ;)