View Full Version : D-Tools 4.0 & .03 no drive letter or image read

18.03.2006, 17:43
I've been having this problem since 4.0 and I'm at a loss on how to fix it... short of reformating which I've been itching to do anyways. This is kind of last ditch before I resort to that.

D-Tools is installed alright on my computer, it all went fine.. but when I try to mount an image it shows the image as being mounted but the drive does not autostart and D-Tools does not come up as a listed drive in my drive list. So even though it shows as mounted there is no way to access the image. Nothing I have done so far as gotten a drive letter to show up and no images seem to run. This started happening out of the blue about 4 months ago.

Running WINXP home

any thoughts?

P.S As a side note, if I reformat I would like to flip some stuff I'm looking to save over to a smaller partition then take it back when ive formatted C:. My question is if I've installed XP pro on my partition, will it automatically boot up in that drive if I format C: or are there are necessary steps to take so that I don't F things up, I'm familiar enough with all these processes to know what I'm doing and dumb enough to screw them up.

Any help would be a blessing ,thanks.

18.03.2006, 20:21
Did you check related thread in common problems and solutions forum?